In an interview with the CNRS Journal 10 days ago, French Philosopher Edgar Morin observed that the crisis we are living through now is forcing us to change our behaviour, our mindsets, and our lives, both locally and globally. If we look at it from a philosophical point of view, we must try to reflect above all on uncertainty which, as the COVID-19 that has reminded us, remains an impregnable part of the human condition.

We try to surround ourselves with as many certainties as possible, because it is mentally and psychologically comfortable. However, living means, now more than ever, sailing in a sea of uncertainty, through islets and archipelagos of certainties on which we take our supplies.It is difficult to imagine what the future will look like when this pandemic subsides. Economic recession is inevitable, but after spending months in lockdown, the critical question is: how will our habits change? From now on, we should be psychologically prepared to deal with the unexpected and to face up to upheavals.What we can be sure of is that we will not be returning to life as we knew it. And brands must accept the new deal and plan accordingly because there will be new problems to solve

Preparing for a new world.

Everywhere, people are at home, bored, watching TV or on social media looking for some form of entertainment, a new interest, to escape how mundane life has now become. This sudden lifestyle change of people being indoors has led them to spending more timeonline than before.After this period of social distancing and self-isolation ends, families will reunite, go back to work, to school, to the gym, and their favourite hangout place for the first time in months to experience many special moments.Brands will need to be more than ever creative and proactive enough to be ready for anything. Our key role as an agency will be to help clients use this disruption as an opportunity to transform their businesses.

What has changed, exactly?

What has changed, exactly? Readers have been used to live without a paper for months now. They do not listen to radio and watch TV as they used to. Even their behaviour while surfing on the internet and on social networks has changed. More and more people are discovering TikTok for example, with lots of celebrities and brands flocking to the platform that attracts many new users that it encourages to have fun, try something new – and then share(1). The demand for creativity has never been greater than now. Because we still need to fight for consumers’ attention, but the subjects that people pay attention to has also changed. The channels of the future will enable people to be more creative by giving them new ideas that inspire unity and purpose and to experiment with.Many brands are already engaging in purpose-driven campaigns through donations and trying to do their best to help as many people as they can. We know that consumers are more likely to choose brands that are purpose-driven and show empathy. Brands that are sincere and serve communities will gain people’s trust: one of the most invaluable assets that caring brands shall own after we start going back into the world again with new rules and challenges to face. Brands have no alternative than to be more be more attentive, accepting, and humane. The time has come for us, as agencies, to make use of our creativity and expertise to support brands and companies readying themselves for this brave new world.


COVID-19 has no doubt left its mark on history. Its effects on different industries and marketing efforts have been considerable. Most marketers are at a crossroad, wondering which path to take in such an uncertain future. It is important to remember that during this period, more digital solutions have been considered for all industries. Work from home, webinars, digital entertainment, and virtual doctor visits are examples of solutions that have come when physical contact was restricted. As Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

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