Work-life balance has always been a debate, weekends have been too short, TGIF has been the so awaiting moment of the week and even became a popular brand – TGI Fridays Restaurant – on Leicester Square in London….Let us suppose COVID-19 is once in an era happening, how are we using our time?

The Napping Culture In The Modern World

We have been envying the French for their ‘power nap’/ nap after lunch for years. Praising their flexible system over ours, or Japanese ‘hirune’ (which literally translate into ‘lunchtime sleep’). Or, the one stereotype closely associated with Spain : the tradition of the siesta that is becoming less and less a part of people’s daily routine.

But the new ways of enjoying a quick siesta are being pioneered in Spain. Spain’s first nap café – the siesta café Siesta & Go – opened in Madrid in 2017 attracts busy city workers who can’t afford to waste time going all the way home for a rest.

Its slogan is, “Your place of rest, far from home.”

In Tokyo, the GMO Internet Group offers 27 beds to its staff for regular ‘cat naps’. The initiative is called “GMO Siesta. Now that we have been ‘gifted’ with a WFH system, how are we including the ‘stage 2 nap’?

La Siesta

Whether you are a ‘natural napper’ or not, we are very often waking up just in time to reply to good morning messages in company group like slack, zoom, etc. to “not so short” power nap to have a quick meal at 12.30, we are joggling between sleeping, bathing, cleaning, cooking, planning and “sieste-ing!” physically “away” from team members, clients and boss, we try to create our own world by including a siesta time in our timetable without disturbing the daily planning or the unexpected group video call with boss and client!

We are being challenged by ourselves to fit in parents’ TV time, tea- time, nap and so much more. From a 9-5 to working remotely resulted into an extended hour of working, we are faced with calls from clients, team members, assigned group calls, boss, how precious is our time for a break, time for a siesta?

Should the discussion be around having a nice cosy workplace at home or balanced hours of work at home, clear mutually- agreed availability with client? Are we including a “me-time” or sacrificing it over a meal preparation, a playing time with kids, a Netflix with/for family?

This confinement has also made us aware and thoughtful on a real “work-life” challenge away from boss and clients as compared to “away from family” when we were at office for hours. It made us realise that it is not only about family time catching up, but also catch up your “me-time”. No one will join work without rethinking his or her priorities thereafter.

To Conclude

Dear “natural napper”, yes, the siesta narration was a disguise for waking up your thoughts on a proper me-time! Your nap is! Remember to keep your nap during lunch if you have one. Keep it short and different from bedding down, just leave to keep away from light and tasks follow up, from your desk to a cosy sofa or chair.

And most of all, it does not replace your night sleep just like a lunch does not replace your breakfast!

By the way, it is a post-lunch practice, in case!