Gingerbon, a new brand of ginger sweets, was positioned as a healthy candy through a humorous campaign using local politicians and their high pitched voices.

Gingerbon is a new brand of ginger sweets that had to be positioned as a healthy, chewy candy that has several benefits, the most important one being that is great for the voice.At the time of its entry on the market, Gingerbon had several competitors that had been available for decades, but perceived primarily as “medicines” against sore throats or when one has a cold.

The launch campaign was primarily based on humorous short radio spots that exploited very local situations when people use their voice to shout (street vendors,sports commentators,politicians in public meetings etc), but the most popular one was a parody of the Parliament’s speaker, a lady with a high pitched voice that is famous for her shouting inside the House to silence noisy members of Parliament !
The campaign rapidly brought Gingerbon in the news…