my.t money is a revolutionary mobile wallet with exciting ways of managing your money. my.t money makes Mauritians’ lives easier by making fast payments with your card or your mobile phone, by transferring money to your friends, family, by sharing money with friends and by enjoying special deals.

Mauritians had the perception that Orange owned Mauritius Telecom, instead of the other way round. It was compounded by the fact that MT had an outdated brand identity compared to the French powerhouse. So, after some time, the perception was that Orange had overshadowed MT. Mauritians started saying that they were clients of Orange instead of MT.

On 24th August 2019, Mauritius Telecom officially launched a revolutionary mobile wallet called my.t money which allowed 200,000 Mauritians, on that day, to start managing their money differently than from what they were doing before. No more wallet needed for whatever transaction. This allows, from now on, Mauritians – merchant or client – to live a fast, simple and fun life. We worked on all the artworks, videos and radios of my.t money so that the communication on that revolutionary tool would be as easy as possible to understand for all stakeholders.