When Orange acquired 40% of Mauritius Telecom’s (MT) shares in 2008, the brand image of MT was overshadowed by the French telco. Our challenge was to reposition, rejuvenate and redefine MT both in terms of Brand architecture and Brand identity to bring back the national pride.

Mauritians had the perception that Orange owned Mauritius Telecom, instead of the other way round. It was compounded by the fact that MT had an outdated brand identity compared to the French powerhouse. So, after some time, the perception was that Orange had overshadowed MT. Mauritians started saying that they were clients of Orange instead of MT.

Mauritius Telecom had to get back in the hearts and minds of Mauritians through a clearer brand architecture. The rebranding exercise clearly showed the brand hierarchy: that Mauritius Telecom is the master brand and that Orange is a sub-brand, solely engaging in mobile sales. So is My.T, another sub-brand.
As proof, we launched a national unmatched offer: an internet speed of 100 Mbps through My.T thus bringing attention to the other sub-brand instead of focusing on Orange. It created the buzz and showed to the nation that Mauritius Telecom is a major player and that it helps you to be your best.

A two phase campaign was launched (a) the rebranding, unveiling of the new identity and tagline and (b) the launch of a new unmatched internet offer at 100 Mbps. It had a great impact in terms of visibility: 99.1% of the whole Mauritian population had a recall of the rebranding campaign. It was time for Mauritius Telecom to change and offer the best in terms of products and services while living up to its new tagline: Be your best.