Twisties wanted to rejuvenate its brand that had been on the Mauritian market for almost half a century.

Twisties is a multi flavoured corn-based curly snack brand which had aged sensibly in Mauritius. The millennials could not connect to it. Determined to twist this image, the name was separated into two syllables: Twist, to twist the moments and Ties (Tease), so as to tease people’s lives!

Borrowing cult scenes from famous movies, football games, pizza parties and beach gatherings; or even changing lyrics of well-known songs, the idea was to give Twisties a more fun, young, trendy and dynamic image. Through the witty mini movies and posts shared on social media, youngsters quickly related to the brand with lots of comments and sharing. As a result, a 20th century snack was twisted into a fashionable and any time quick-bite brand.